Heritage at Risk: Climate Changes to Historic Preservation

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This symposium gathers preservation planners, policymakers, architects and advocates who lead the rehabilitation of damaged historic resources and the retrofit of endangered cultural heritage. The conference not only serves as an occasion to reflect on the role of preservationists in hazards mitigation and disaster preparedness, but also an opportunity to reevaluate the methods of adaptation and metrics of resilience to which preservationists adhere. All are welcome to join this free, public forum on chronic and acute risks of climate change to historic places throughout the Gulf region and the nation at-large—from subsidence and devaluation to storm surges and demolition.

Panelists will discuss:

1) how techniques and principles of preservation are changing to meet the challenges that climate change poses to built environments;

2) how communities and cities have created, resisted, constrained and refined the application of these approaches;

3) who has fiscal agency (financial capital and human resources) to preserve communities at risk and to produce resilient heritage; and

4) how preservationists can better inform and transform recovery policy and mitigation planning at the local, regional and national level.

In other words, “Heritage at Risk” centers climate changes to historic places and preservation within debates over how to plan for a wetter, warming


6pm (Friday) | WELCOME RECEPTION (ByWater Institute, Tulane Coastal and River Center, New Orleans)

Organized in conjunction with: Democracy in Retreat? Master Planning in a Warming World | March 29th, 2019


9:30am (Saturday) | OPENING REMARKS

Fallon Aidoo (UNO)

Shirley Laska (LURAC-Louisiana Universities' Resilient Architecture Collaborative)

10 am (Saturday) | CHANGING PRAXIS: Heritage Adaptation + Hazard Mitigation

Dominique Hawkins (Preservation Design Partnership)

Jeana Wiser (Greyspace Collective)

Discussant: Nathan Lott (Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans + Louisiana Landmarks Society)

11:30 pm (Saturday) | CHANGE CHALLENGES: Resilient Communities, Reticent Cities

Brian Davis (Louisiana Trust for Historic Preservation)

Tiffany Tolbert (National Trust for Historic Preservation)

Discussant: Amanda Coleman (Tulane University)


2:30 pm (Saturday) | FUNDING CHANGE: Fiscal Agency in Risk Assessment and Adaptation

Beth Jacob (MacRostie Historic Advisors)

Nicole Hobson-Morris (Louisiana SHPO/State Historic Preservation Office)

Discussant: Melissa Lee (Concordia)

4:00 pm (Saturday) | CHANGING METRICS & MINDS: The Place of Preservation in Mitigation Planning & Disaster Policy

Kyle Shelton (Kinder Institute for Urban Research, Rice University)

Marccus Hendricks (University of Maryland—College Park)

Discussant: Fallon Aidoo (UNO)

5:30 pm – 7pm (Saturday) | CLOSING REMARKS & RECEPTION