Through guest lectures, site visits, community engagement, readings and research, emerging practitioners of architecture and planning have learned a diversity of methodologies, epistemologies and technologies from a diverse set of course contributors and critics. Likewise, I've participated in and taught a wide range of courses--including design studios, planning practicums, architectural history seminars, and the workshops of restoration architects, resiliency planners and cultural resource managers. 


Assistant Professor | University of New Orleans, Planning and Urban Studies, 2018-

MURP 4010/5010: Introduction to Historic Preservation

Service-Learning Project: Pontchartrain Park Historic District Nomination

MURP 6170: Urbanism and Urban Design (practicum)

Project: Pontchartrain Park Vulnerability and Resilience Index

URBN 4100/5100: Gentrification in Historic Districts 

MURP 6180: Site Planning (practicum)

Project: Gentilly Resilience District Design Review Overlay

Lecturer | Northeastern University, School of Architecture, 2015-2106

History/Theory courses assigned to Architecture, Architectural Studies & Urban Landscape Studies candidates

A3370: Networked Urbanism: From Boom to Bust and Back (proseminar)

A3370: Networked Urbanism: From Boom to Bust and Back (practicum)

Student projects critically engaged with the 'resilient city' identity of Boston, using open-source mapping applications, urban informatics and digital archives to represent the condition of Historic Places and Historic Landmarks around the City

Guest Design Critic | Harvard Graduate School of Design, 2011-2015

Formal review of student work by urban planning and design, architecture and landscape architecture degree candidates

Option Studio (MUP, MAUD, MArch, MLA): The MLK Way: Modernizing Black America's Main Street...Fall 2015 [Daniel D'Oca]

Core Studio, The Perimeter Plan, Fall 2015

Core Studio (MUP): Malden, Spring 2012

Lecturer | Boston University, Center for English Language and Orientation Programs

Pro-seminar in architectural, landscape and urban history for international students admitted to design/planning programs

English for Design, Summer 2015

Studio Instructor | Harvard Graduate School of Design, Department of Urban Planning and Design

GSD: Newark Riverfront and the Post-Great Migration City, Fall 2013

(interdisciplinary studio developed and taught with Damon Rich, Chief Urban Designer and Planning Director, City of Newark, NJ

Head Teaching Fellow | Harvard College, General Education Program

USW29: Designing the American City: Civic Aspirations and Urban Form, 18th-21st c., Fall 2010, Spring 2012

(w/ Alex Krieger, Prof. of Practice in Urban Design and Interim Chair of the Department of Urban Planning and Design)

Teaching Fellow | Harvard Graduate School of Design

Buildings, Texts & Contexts: Italian Renaissance (w/ Prof. Erika Naginski), Spring 2010

Buildings, Texts & Contexts: Nineteenth Century (w/ Prof. Antoine Picon), Spring 2010

Buildings, Texts & Contexts: Postwar Urbanism (w/ Prof. Timothy Hyde), Fall 2009

Buildings, Texts & Contexts: Postmodernism (w/ Prof. Sanford Kwinter), Fall 2009

Designing the American City: Civic Aspirations and Urban Form, Spring 2009

Teaching Assistant | MIT, School of Architecture & Planning, Department of Urban Studies and Planning

MUP Practicum (Preservation Planning) in Springfield, MA, Spring 2007 

(w/ Ceaser McDowell, Center for Reflexive Practice, MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning)

M.S. Architectural Studies Colloquium, Fall 2007

(w/ Sanford Kwinter, MIT Department of Architecture)