The RxP Research Team

Mending the Fractured Relationship btw Heritage and Historic Preservation



UNO Masters of Urban & Regional Planning candidate concentrating on environmental planning and coastal resilience. California native with New Orleans roots.

stephen J. harrell, jr.

UNO Masters of Urban & Regional Planning candidate with a focus on community and economic development. New Orleans native.  

Michelle tullo

UNO Masters of Urban and Regional Planning candidate with a community and economic development focus.


Tulane Masters of Preservation Studies candidate researching stormwater management and mitigation in historic commercial corridors of New Orleans, particularly New Orleans Redevelopment Authority properties along Broad Street. Hershey, PA native.

Amanda Coleman__Broad St Corridor Study.GIF


dwyer canal corridor vulnerability & resilience index


pontchartrain park historic district rehabilitation plan


Pontchartrain Park HIstoric District__TheAdvocate_2018.jpg

pontchartrain park historic district nomination