Recent + Forthcoming Engaged Scholarship



In Trusts We Trust: Priming CONRAIL Station-Houses & Tenants for Gentrification," SACRPH--Society for American City and Regional Planning History (Oct 2017)

"The CONRAIL Conservancies Cultivating Resilient Cities," ACSP--American Collegiate Schools of Planning, Annual Meeting (Oct 2017)

"A Third Reconstruction of the Right to Work on Rights-of-Way," Activist Scholarship Session of the Urban Affairs Association (April 2017)

"Saving Center City: CONRAIL, CDCs and Emergency Aid for Commuter Connections," Urban History Association (October 2016) [Session: 'Conflict and Consensus on Critical Infrastructure for Urban Resilience,' chair: Scott Knowles]

“Diversity in Disaster: Race, Gender, Disability, Sexuality and Technology,” Society for the History of Technology, Singapore, June 2016 [Session Organizer; Panel chair: Ashley Carse]


"Rights-of-Way in the Post-Civil Rights Era: The Radical Planning & Respectability Politics of CONRAIL Conservancies," journal article in development

"In Trusts we Trust: Advocacy & Authority in Grey Infrastructure Greening," journal article in review

The Infrastructural Ideal of a Just City--from Sesame Street to Complete Streets," review essay in review

Spatializing Politics: Essays on Power and Place, eds. Delia ba Duong Wendel and Fallon Samuels Aidoo (Harvard University Press, Harvard Design Studies Series, 2016), including “Rights-of-Way: Critical Infrastructure for the Right to Work in Postwar Philadelphia" and "A Conversation with Toni L. Griffin"