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T/TOD/D Leadership Lab

Too often, capacity building in the transportation sector occurs only during the planning and pre-development phases of major capital projects. Design charretes, community meetings and public hearings are useful occasions for communication between public, private and philanthropic sector representatives and the communities their policies and projects most directly affect. However, knowledge gained or gleaned through community engagement results primarily in reports, which retire to online archives and office shelfs once the construction of a project concludes. 

At the TOD Leadership Lab, trail- and transit-oriented development, design planning and placemaking leaders reflect on and refine their knowledge and actions as well as their resources and reach. Participatory-action research (PAR) in particular affords: 

  1. Risk- and revenue-sharing amongst established and emerging directors, managers, designers and developers of trail- and transit-oriented landscapes
  2. Technical acuity and fiscal agility in innovative as well as equitable development and design strategies
  3. Co-learning between leaders in different development sectors, design disciplines, city districts and regional centers 
  4. Strategic planning and partnerships in infrastructure revitalization and redevelopment