Newark River Access Guide (2014), a 300-page volume curated by Damon Rich (urban designer), Fallon Samuels Aidoo (urban planner) and Jae Shin (architect), collects popular education materials and concrete proposals to advance regional discourse on riverfront land use and development in Newark, NJ. Registering the economic and social impact of architectural prototypes, planning projects, public policies, and community programs presently at the water's edge, this publication maps and models the reciprocal constitution of race, class and space in a post-industrial American city.

Newark River Access Guide cover.jpg

Designed by Hector Design Services, the publication is an enhanced form of Municipal Public Access Plan (a statutory instrument of municipal policy regulated by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection) and the outcome of a urban design studio course at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design in the Fall of 2013.